Here is a one time use coupon as my thank you for visiting my new website.  With many thanks to Diane Stafford of Web Design Chester for building this incredible place.

If you know me already, you’ll know that I like to make digital design kits that offer portraiture as well as dreamscapes, and all with a classical feel.

The new website aims to reflect that about me and my art.

Celebration Digital Design Kits Coupon Code

To celebrate the beginnings of my new website and to express my thanks to Diane, and others who have helped me reach this milestone, I’m sharing a 20% discount coupon with you.

DIGITAL DESIGN KITS at Foxeysquirrel Kits Shop
VALID UNTIL:July 30, 2022

Pop over to my FS shop, choose your digital goodies and use the coupon code, shown above, to take off a whopping 20%, with my blessing.


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