Foxeysquirrel Services

Digital Artist and Graphic Designer Teddi Rutschman offers Digital Art Prints and custom art services.

Art Prints

Foxeysquirrel Fine Art Prints by Artist Teddi Rutschman are available for purchase in various sizes, photo mount on acrylic.

Art Banners

Foxeysquirrel creative art banners, designed using my art pieces and customized to make your Social Media pages unique.

Book Covers

Foxeysquirrel artistic book covers are customized to help you become a credible author and help get your book noticed.

Custom Art Services

foxeysquirrel artist, Teddi Rutschman, offers a range of art pieces and customized art services. If you have any questions or wish to commission art work, unique to you, contact Teddi to discuss your individual requirements.

Digital Kits Shop

I design digital kits for other artists taking them into a magical world of discovery, where all the possibilities that can be imagined come together piece by piece.