About Me

About me

I've learned that there are no rules in art, colors and the composition of elements are limitless.

Art is about finding the extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Featured in

  • Somerset Digital magazine
  • illustrator of children's book
  • Gallery in North Carolina

I was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, and found my ultimate inspirational harmony in the adjacent town of Troutville, nestled in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

There is something spiritual in creating art; it takes me into a magical world of discovery. I love all the possibilities that imagining brings to a piece, and the way it comes together is a thrill. It is addictive!

Whimsical Sincerity

There is a childlike wonder to some of my pieces, where whimsical humor shines through with sincerity. I'd like to be the type of artist that embraces the everyday beauty surrounding me. This is about my unique perspective on all I see---with the hope that others might find something equally intriguing in my interpretation.

My passion in art seems to be simple; it's all related to colors. I love the way lights reflect shadows and how shadows give depth to a piece.